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Dining Hall

  • Breakfast recommended by locals
  • Sugikuni store

    Homemade dried fish string sales and string shop breakfast are popular!
    In the dining room, Izu's classic breakfast, such as `` Aji pizza '' using horse mackerel and varieties of kinme bream quiche, centered on `` string set '' with rice and miso soup with favorite dried fish under the sun, Lunch is very popular!

    【Open from 7:30 in the morning】2 minutes on foot from Kameya Rakan
  • Dinner recommended by locals
  • Camellia

    This is a small Japanese restaurant located in the center of Ito.
    Local guests also use it for casual family lunches and small gatherings.
    We purchase seasonal ingredients that we can recommend with confidence, as well as fresh seafood from the port town of Ito, while checking with our own eyes every morning.
    10 minutes on foot from Kameya Rakan
  • Bistro

    A shop with a calm atmosphere, close to Ito Station.
    Especially recommended for women!
    7 minute walk from Kameya Rakan
  • Marine Town

    Michi-no-Eki Ito Marine Town, located along Izu / Ito National Route 135, is a tourist facility where children and the elderly can enjoy all day.There is also a free parking lot, and you can enjoy day-trip hot springs and footbaths with sea views, shopping at restaurants and local souvenirs, and pleasure boats.
    14 minutes on foot from Kameya Rakan
  • China Soba Fukutatei

    It is a popular ramen shop where fans can come from far away.The soy sauce ramen, a cup of passion created by the shop owner who trained under Minoru Sano, is homemade fine noodles, and the soup is a deep soup with chicken gara, boiled dried vegetables, and the taste of vegetables.
    2 minutes on foot from Kameya Rakan
  • Yoshinaga

    A hidden adult shop with a variety of elegant dishes, delicious alcohol, and a relaxing atmosphere

    8 minutes on foot from Kameya Rakan
  • Shokoen

    A yakiniku restaurant that has a reputation for being able to taste high-quality delicious meat at reasonable prices
    Anyway, the reputation is that the ribs are delicious! It is popular that cospa is also good!

    10 minutes on foot from Kameya Rakan
  • Matoi

    A famous eel shop that is so famous that no one knows in this neighborhood.
    The balance of crisp skin and plump body and sauce is outstanding.
    7 minute walk from Kameya Rakan