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Kameya Rakan from the city center in 2 hours to Kameya Rakan

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Kameya Rakan


2-4-12 Yukawa, Ito City

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3 minutes on foot from JR Ito Station / by car ... Turn right at the entrance of National Route 135, BP Ito Station and turn left at the entrance of Ito Station just ahead. Left hand side

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will pick you up if you can call us at Ito Station arrival.Please do not hesitate to offer as we will send you at any time on your way back.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Tomei Expressway - Atsugi IC - Atsugi Odawara road National Route 135 from Atami to Ito

    Access method 2: Osaka
    Meishin · Tomei Expressway · Numazu IC ~ Mishima from Kameishitoge Via Ohito to Usami, Ito


    P 30 units(Guest free)※During the summer period / In customers from 12:00/OUT customers ~ 12: 00 I will assume.
  • ◆Guests arriving by train

  • ◆Guests arriving by car