Four kinds of private baths with different taste over Sagami Bay overlooking

【Official】Kameya Rakan

Sagami Bay Ichibo-Four Unique Private Open-Air Baths-

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plan for the powerful fireworks is on sale

  • Viewing the powerful fireworks part.1

    Ito Onsen fireworks in your room! From the hotel, you can see from the sea side guest room.
    Please spend a luxurious time!

    【Fireworks display scheduled to be held at this time】
    ·July 30 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART1 20:30 to 20:50
    ·July 31 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART2 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 6 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART3 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 7 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART4 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 8 "Flow of lanterns" Launch fireworks 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 9 "Sound of drums" launch fireworks from 20:30 to 20:50
  • Viewing the powerful fireworks part.2

    ·August 10 Anjinsai Beach Fireworks Festival PART1 20:30 from 20:50
    ·August 11 Anjinsai Beach Fireworks Festival PART2 20:30 from 20:50
    ·August 12, Anjinsai Beach Fireworks Festival PART3 20:30 from 20:50
    ·Beach Fireworks Festival 13 days Anjinsai Beach Fireworks Festival PART4 20:30 from 20:50
    ·August 16 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART5 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 17 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART6 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 20 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART7 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 21 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART8 20:30 to 20:50
  • Viewing the powerful fireworks part.3

    ·August 23 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART9 20:30 to 20:50
    ·August 24 Ito Onsen"Dream Fireworks" PART10 20:30 to 20:50

    【Fireworks display that will be released as soon as the details are decided】

    ·August 22 Ito Onsen Hashi Festival fireworks

     We would like to ask all the visitors to each fireworks display for their cooperation and understanding in order to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus.

Infection prevention and spread prevention measures

  • About measures against coronavirus

    Hand disinfectant is installed in various parts of the facility
    Ventilation and ventilation in this facility,Thorough sterilization and disinfection of space
    Regular alcohol disinfection and ventilation of doorknobs and elevator switches
    Limitation on the number of people in large baths, open-air baths, and escape areas
    Check-in / check-out by installing an acrylic board and avoiding the direct surface
    Please check the temperature with a non-contact thermometer at check-in.
    ※We may refuse to use the product if you have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher or if you are not feeling well.
    Employees wearing masks with customer service and health observation before going to work
    ※Those who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher or who are not in good health observation are taking measures to refrain from going to work.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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    How to use STAY NAVI for direct reservations and Official HP reservations
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    2. Ask the customer to enter the reservation information on "STAY NAVI" and issue a coupon with the reservation information and the discount amount.
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    4. When you arrive at the hotel, present the coupon and we will give you a discount at the time of payment.


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Kameya Rakan


2-4-12 Yukawa, Ito City

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3 minutes on foot from JR Ito Station / by car ... Turn right at the entrance of National Route 135, BP Ito Station and turn left at the entrance of Ito Station just ahead. Left hand side
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Tourist attractions

  • Recommended sightseeing spots

    Ito Onsen sightseeing·Cultural Facility "Tokai-kan"

    Hot spring resort inaugurated in Showa 3rd.
    It is called a high-class wood such as hinoki or cedar or a changeable form called a changeable tree
    It is a beautiful Japanese-style building with plenty of trees.
    Now look at priceless and traditional Japanese architectural style.

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